Bill became one of the gang's gunmen, partaking in a series of crimes across the American frontier. He is shown to have a good friendship with Javier Escuella, likely stemming from both of them having similar levels of experience in the gang and both looking up to Dutch greatly; this friendship is shown when Javier will be the one to rescue Bill from bounty hunters if he is captured, Bill sharing his thoughts with Javier on who the “rat” is when the gang began to collapse, and Bill being chosen to look after the wounded Javier on Guarma, as well as the fact that Bill presumably ran away with Javier after the standoff. One day in 1893, he tried to rob Dutch van der Linde, but was taken aback when Dutch simply laughed at him. After the train doesn't stop, contrary to what the gang expect, Bill accompanies the others in pursuing it. Now, I'm in charge! Bill is deputized by Sheriff Leigh Gray, along with Arthur and Dutch. )Dynamite Williamson (?). Mr. Williamson (father) dead It can be assumed that Kieran obtained the necessary skills to survive in the wilderness and defend himself from his short-lived days in the army. )Dynamite Williamson (?) Bill Williamson. In. After the boat sinks, Bill washes up on the shores of Guarma with everyone except Arthur. To pull off the heist, he asked Arthur and Bill to accompany him. His second in command, Norman Deek, is captured alive. Cutter De Blanc. After participating in the battle at Cinco Torres, Bill is tasked to stay with the wounded Javier Escuella while the other three gang members see to sabotaging the gun batteries and rescuing the ship captain. With the addition of the Liars and Cheats DLC pack for Red Dead Redemption, Bill Williamson is also a multiplayer character model that may be selected in the 'Damnation' section of the Outfitter. He is also shown to be driven by the desire to prove himself, though he often falls short because of his recklessness and lack of intelligence. NEW "MY RED DEAD ONLINE" Feature! They serve as the main antagonistic faction of the game's New Austin chapter. By 1899, the gang had moved east to West Elizabeth near Blackwater, when Dutch decided to undertake an ambitious heist to rob a boat that was carrying a significant amount of money. By 1911 (if not before) he has formed his own gang, eventually moving to New Austin and occupying Fort Mercer, which was previously the domain of the Del Lobos. To settle his debt, John started working at Bonnie's ranch, but upon learning he had survived, Bill sent his men to burn the ranch down. Arthur opens fire on it from above, and the two manage to successfully steal the stagecoach. Red Dead Redemption starts with John Marston nearly meeting his maker at the hands of Bill Williamson. In RDR1 , Bill has truly embraced the criminal lifestyle and lets his temper run away with him. Bill Williamson - Red Dead Redemption 2 Characters - Red ... ... Bill Williamson Bill remained in New Austin and started his new gang, a band of vicious outlaws fuelled by his own violent tendencies created by his disappointment in Dutch. At one point, he was robbed by a \"woman\" (implied to be a cross-dresser). John is then required to return to Blackwater. Javier felt an immediate affinity with the gang and its ideals. Since Dutch gave him a sense of purpose, Bill supported his every decision even after Dutch started to go insane. Weapon descriptions in the compendium provide many fictional firearm makers for the real guns, such as D. D. Packenbush, Hutton & Baird, and Peeters & Janssens. Sometime later, Bill is enjoying a drink with Charles, Javier and later Arthur while hanging around Valentine. In Red Dead Redemption 2, Bill prefers rifles to pistols. Sometime afterwards, Bill reluctantly takes part in the assault on the Cornwall refinery against the US Army, where he joins the group which attacks the warehouse. He takes Bill, as well as Hosea and Arthur with him to the party. He taunts John, and sends his men after him and his allies. Red Dead Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Initially angry, Bill was later cheered up by his would-be victim and offered a spot on the gang, giving his life purpose and direction, and well as a group of allies and friends to rely on. Javier became a gunman for t… The third one looks a lot like Dutch, and the fifth one looks like Bill Williamson, John’s main opponent in the game. Due to the betrayal, John joined with the anti-government rebels led by Abraham Reyes and eventually stormed Allende's villa in Escalera. Marston has been extorted into hunting down his former brothers in arms, with Bill Williamson being the first target. He became amoral, ruthless, ambitious, power-hungry, self-serving, and greedy. I wouldn’t go so far as to call him one-note, but personally I’ve always just remembered him as the angry stupid guy. Accompanied by Tilly Jackson and Arthur, they manage to make off with a large amount of cash. He stays in contact with Javier, who is also at large but moves to Mexico. Almost immediately after, they are ambushed by the Grays; Sean is instantly killed and Bill is captured by Sheriff Gray at some point during the battle. He foolishly heads to the fort where Bill is hiding out and tries to take him head on. Another antagonist, Bill Williamson starts out as a loyal and respected member of the Van Der Linde gang, trusting Dutch entirely. Bill's birth name being Marion may be a reference to iconic Western actor John Wayne, whose birth name was Marion Mitchell Morrison. Bill later takes part in the ill-fated Saint-Denis bank robbery, where Hosea and Lenny are killed. How RDR2 Failed To Do Bill Williamson & Javier Escuella Justice. Their plan is for Bill to act like a drunkard near the road as a distraction before attacking the vehicle, which Arthur then attacks from above. Brown Jack, Billy the Cowboy (? At one point, he was robbed by a "woman" (implied to be a cross-dresser). He was good friends with Javier Escuella, likely due to the fact that they both had a standing and experience in the gang's hierarchy, and both of them look up to Dutch greatly. With Uncle's stagecoach robbery ending in disaster, Bill takes it upon himself to plan another one, and he does so successfully. After saving Reyes, the leader of the rebels, John goes after Bill and Allende, who are escaping together. At this point, the Williamson gang had lost almost all of its members, its hideout and now its leader, essentially forcing them to disband. Similar to Red Dead Redemption, ammunition is generalized by weapon type, but with more sub-variety this time. They escape to the docks, where Charles provides a distraction allowing them to board a ship and strike a deal with the captain. Dutch is clearly losing his grip, and Arthur and John are openly accusing him of leading the gang astray. So Iv noticed something about Bill in RDR2. John then recovers quite well after the bullet is removed. Speaking of the soldiery, it's interesting to note that Bill Williamson was also in the military. Related: Last Ten Game Of The Year Winners From The Game Awards, Ranked. He especially idolized Dutch for his revolutionary ideals and became fiercely loyal to him. Later, Bill is brought over by Dutch to torture Kieran for the whereabouts of an O’Driscoll hideout. However, he also holsters a custom Schofield Revolver with a brown steel frame, although it is rarely used. Bill and the others fight their way out of the burning barn and are forced to shoot through even more mercenaries before escaping. All of them except Javier manage to escape with the help of Hercule Fontaine, allowing Bill rest with the others at La Capilla. Bill Williamson As one of the main antagonists in the original game, where he partnered with John Marston, Williamson was a core character. Afterwards, he searches a house for valuables left behind. Before joining the Van der Linde gang, Marion "Bill" Williamson was a soldier in the U.S. Army before being dishonorably discharged for deviancy and attempted murder. ... He’s eventually killed after the gang shows up to Rhodes to talk to the Gray family about a job Bill was informed about. Bill Williamson is seemingly the least educated member of the former Van der Linde Gang, often bringing up John's low opinion of his intelligence ("You always did think I was an idiot.") Back to Gomorrah is the 33rd main story mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). Following the gang’s relocation to Beaver Hollow, it becomes apparent that Dutch’s sanity had deteriorated. Williamson refuses, has several men put Marston at gunpoint, and berates John for his reformation. He also appears to have lost a considerable amount of weight, probably as a result of his lifestyle. The characters who failed to find redemption are those who became consumed with greed or paranoia, disregarding those around them for their own selfish benefits. Williamson later takes part in the assault on Braithwaite Manor, in retaliation for the capture of Jack. Micah Bell III was born circa 1860 to Micah Bell Jr., a ruthless petty outlaw. In 1899, Bill was part of the Blackwater heist urged by newcomer Micah Bell which ended in disaster. Bill became something of a disloyal coward as well, likely stemming from paranoia. #RDR2 I’ve seen this and Javier come up a lot in the earlier MONTHS of votes that I’m kinda completely satisfied to see it lastly be accomplished! “You don’t look much like a Marston… maybe a Williamson or an Escuela,” he says to the boy, even though Jack didn’t seem to understand the meaning behind it. He is a former gang partner of John Marston. At some point, Bill joined the Army and was assigned to the 15th infantry and claimed to have also served in the cavalry as well. Albert Danielson (? It could possibly a reference to one of the Dalton brothers, William Marion Dalton, who is better known as Bill Dalton. The next sign was from the campfire conversations you can overhear. Arthur became Dutch's first real protégé; with a little mentoring and structure, he transformed into his most dependable and capable enforcer. Can be found at any camp after completing Chapter 1, on a crate near Bill's bedroll. 1899 They seize the stagecoach and flee while fending off pursuing lawmen. He sometimes wear a long brown jacket along with a hat pinned on one side. Ever since the original Red Dead Redemption was released back in 2010 and swiftly completed by Matt he has been eagerly anticipating another return to the Wild West. Even though Allende promised to deliver Escuella and Williamson to Marston, Allende instead betrayed him and attempted to have him killed. I dont think it counts but whatever; Summary. As we already know by now Bill always depended on someone and always looked up to someone. It could also be a reference to one of the Dalton brothers, William Marion Dalton, better known as Bill Dalton. He and Tilly argue constantly during the excursion, only ending when Bill abandons all attempts at stealth and attacks the stagecoach directly with Arthur, which they do successfully. Game At some stage, a patron bumps into Bill, and a large scale bar fight ensues which ends with only minor injuries to the present gang members. As well as this, Bill is also present in the attack on Angelo Bronte's mansion. His lack of morals seemingly contradicts his being drawn to. Bill is among those members who storm the bank itself, and helps in the shootout with the law enforcement officers as they escape with the score. If the player antagonizes the camp enough, Bill may punch Arthur and throw him out of the camp, just like Lenny, John, Charles, Sean, and Javier. While most members chase a fleeing Arthur and John, Bill and Javier simply escape together. @The real John Marston. The robbery quickly goes wrong, as an uncountable number of Leviticus Cornwall's hired guns descend upon them. When Bill prepares to castrate Kieran with burning hot tongs, Kieran immediately reveals its location, resulting in Bill, Arthur and John taking him to the hideout. He also became a disloyal coward, which is likely due to being paranoid. By 1911, Bill is shown as being mostly bald, with a little bit of hair left along with a bushy beard having patches of grey. When the stagecoach of the two is disabled, Allende turned on Bill by dragging him out of the vehicle and offering him in exchange for being allowed to live. Bill is tasked with helping Arthur steal a stagecoach of dynamite at Van Horn Trading Post. Bill, however, escapes once more with the help of another former partner of John's, Javier Escuella. One day in 1894, he tried to rob D… They both laughed, and Dutch fed and clothed Javier, offering him a spot in the Van der Linde gang. He lived rough for the next two years or so, drinking heavily and robbing people on the highway. Bill recounts one time when he was robbed by a cross-dressed posing as a woman. Red Dead Redemption 2 - Fishing With Jack Marston & Meeting Agents Milton & Ross (PS4 Pro) - Duration: 14:35. This will only happen before chapter 5. He needs Hair Pomade, which can be purchased at most General Stores all over the world and even found as loot by checking enemy corpses. Ah, Bill Williamson. John responds by reaching for his revolver, causing one of Williamson's men to open fire and wound him in the lower-right torso. Bill's Dishonorable Discharge is one of the letters in Red Dead Redemption 2. William "Bill" Williamson is a mass murderer and the main character of the low-budget independent Rampage film trilogy, which consists of the first film in 2009, the sequel Capital Punishment in 2014 and the finale President Down released in 2016. Related: Red Dead Redemption 2: 10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About Guarma. This is a foreshadowing of his own fate, as 12 years later Bill becomes the most violent and ruthless bandit and a leader of his own gang. Marston confronts Williamson from outside the fortified walls, appealing to him to surrender before any harm befalls him. A shootout ensues, and Williamson's right hand man, Norman Deek, is captured. By 1911, this friendship is still evident, as Javier helps Bill to escape to Mexico, despite the fact that it risked drawing John towards him too, putting his own life in danger. Thinking John dead, Bill and his men left him out in the wilderness, however the former outlaw was merely wounded, and later Bonnie MacFarlane and Amos happened upon him. Like his father, Bill is an alcoholic and often gets inebriated to the point of passing out, something he is routinely mocked for by his fellow gang members. He was never truly independent until he formed his own gang. Along with Dutch, Arthur, Micah and Javier, he boards a boat in the harbor destined for the South Pacific. Another patron at the saloon bumps into Bill, and the two get into a bit of a scuffle which then spreads across the entire bar resulting in a huge fight, which sees Arthur tossed out the window. One of the bandits who followed Williamson was Norman Deek. Prior to joining the Van der Linde Gang, Bill served in the military before becoming an outlaw. Bill didn't change too much after the collapse of the gang, solely in the sense that he was no longer being controlled by a figure of authority and thus more open about his violent tendencies. ... Cornwall, dear boy, where the real, original Celts are from. Bill later joins the robbery of the train heading through Saint Denis. Bill’s immediate fate after the dissolution of the Van der Linde gang is unknown, although he is reported to still be at large by 1907. Location The hunt for Bill Williamson has taken more than half of the game plot, and is the central motivating factor throughout. Though a skilled gunman and explosives expert, he's one of the least educated members of the gang in Red Dead Redemption 2, and is prone to violence and aggression. John and Marshal Johnson ride to the Farm to clear out the gang members and save the survivors. Embarrassed by his first name, which was supposedly a "family name," he would later adopt the name "Bill" after his surname. Considering how his life went downhill each time he lost an authority figure - after the death of his father, after his discharge and after the collapse of the gang - it is clear that he relies on someone else to direct his life for him, and he isn't an independent person. During Bill’s time with the gang, he was much softer. One of his last acts in Clemens Point is when he, Arthur, Sean, and Micah enter Rhodes to investigate a job offer from the Gray family. Rescue Bill Williamson Unique Random Encounter. To escape this fate, Bill joined the American Army after coming of age. Bill, alongside most of the other, sticks up for the gang leader and becomes suspicious of the two opposers, thinking in particular that John may be a traitor. It is first available for purchase in … The problem with Bill is that because Dutch helped give his life meaning and purpose he's loyal to him to a fault. Dutch plans on attending in order to gain some new leads on jobs. Lenny, Charles, John and Javier do the same thing. By 1911, Bill is shown to be mostly bald, with his remaining hair and beard flaky with patches of grey. His preference of rifles most likely originates due to his time spent in the army where rifle was his primary weapon, and since he did not use revolver a lot, he would have less experience with it. Bill Williamson. He is a wanted man who gives a fake name with the same initials as his real name that even sounds similar and then afterwards buys property and gets a bank loan under his real name that is most likely on wanted posters. 0. Where they still have real trolls, just like you, that live under the bridges, where fire spews out of the marshes. If the player annoys and makes the members of the camp angry, Bill may punch Arthur and throw him out of the camp. 366.,,,,, Bill states that the reason he joined Dutch's cause is that he saw what power can do to people while he was in the army. Once Bill finds Arthur, the player has the option to. After Micah and Arthur clear the street of lawmen, they slay the sheriff and rescue Bill. Homeboy; Members; Joined: 09/12/2013; 605 Share; Posted November 13, 2018 (edited) On 11/3/2018 at 9:45 PM, Cutter … #RDR2 I've seen this and Javier come up so much in the previous MONTHS of votes that I'm kinda happy to see it finally be done! Drawn to the idealistic views of Dutch, he became deeply invested in the gang leader's vision for the West. Later when the gang teams up with the Wapiti to attack a refinery, Bill is involved in the assault, though he is reluctant to take part. Arthur Morgan : Look, we're gonna get through this. Like the eighth generation versions of Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption IIhas both first-person and third-person modes that can be switched at the press of a key. It's one or the other. One of the writing says ‘Things are different now”. They were. Where RDR2's Van der Linde Gang Ends Up After Red Dead Redemption. Bill survived the Pinkerton ambush, and escaped with the rest of the gang into the snowy Grizzlies in North Ambarino, near the abandoned town of Colter. -Requests should be clearly said, ideally […] Listed below are their unfortunate tales. Sodom? Often, some bounty hunters may capture Bill. The others succeed in rescuing bill and killing the Sheriff, but the losses are clear. His usual attire consisted of grey trousers, boots and either a plain white or a checked shirt, sometimes accompanied by a long, brown leather jacket and/or his hat which he wears pinned on one side. He is described as an utterly ruthless and violent man driven by greed and ambition. Can be found at any camp after completing Chapter 1, on a crate near Bill's bedroll. Eventually they are ready for the attack, which goes smoothly resulting in almost the entire gang being wiped out. He later says how he hated the event. Male He’s not the most complex character in the world. Williamson's hat is in better condition, as while still pinned to his left, it is much more evened-out. Micah gets a lead on a stagecoach, and brings Arthur and Bill along with the robbery. He also seems to have lost a lot of weight. Handguns Borchardt C-93. It's one or the other. After recovering, he goes to Mexico to do the job properly and succeeds. Bill Williamson is playable in Red Dead Redemption multiplayer with the Liars and Cheats DLC. That’s at least two notes right there. In Matt's totally non-biased opinion the story told in the sequel, Red Dead Redemption 2, is one of the best ever (at least as far as games go). In Mexico, John gets mixed up with a local civil war and initially sides with Colonel Allende, however the Colonel ends up betraying him. Though Bill was angry, Dutch cheered him up and gave him purpose, offering him a place in the Van der Linde gang. Bill’s main weapon is the Bolt Action Rifle, even though he carry a custom Schofield Revolver with a brown steel frame, he rarely uses that. Matt is on, © 2020 is an unofficial Red Dead Redemption 2 fan site and is in no way affiliated with, Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Steam's Game Of The Year, Start The Year With Collector & Naturalist Bonuses In Red Dead Online, The Holidays Have Come To Red Dead Online, Williamson fits the textbook description of a typical Wild West bandit or outlaw. In 1886, a botched bank robbery leaves Marston wounded and disillusioned. After a job went awry in 1906 and the gang left one of their own behind (John Marston), Dutch grew increasingly unhinged unti… John Marston : Ain't you got nothing better to do? The Borchardt C-93 returns from the first game as the "Semi-Automatic Pistol." Later on, the gang commits to a large-scale robbery, the target being the Saint Denis bank. Bill's Dishonorable Discharge is one of the letters in Red Dead Redemption 2. 4 Bill Williamson Another former member of the Van der Linde Gang, Bill is an often-brutal character, but we get to see his quick slide into that brutality in RDR2 . William Williamson (?) Bill flees to Mexico, to be dealt with later. Bill Williamson is voiced by Steve J. Palmer, an American actor. Posted by 1 year ago. This era lasted for 5 years. In revenge, Bill and his followers burned the MacFarlanes’ barn to the ground. In 1895, while attempting to steal some chickens, Javier came across Dutch van der Linde doing the same.

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